October 12, 2012

2012 Best In Conference Awards

Thirty-two presentations were nominated for Best In Conference honors at the 2012 Emerson Global Users Exchange. Following is a list of the 11 winners under the topic category in which their presentation was featured.
Winners of the Asset Optimization and Maintenance/Reliability: Joel Holmes, Monsanto, Co-Presenter: John Fuller, R.S. Stover Co.
Winners of the Business Management category: Nirav Patel, Bristol-Meyers Squibb

Asset Optimization and Maintenance/Reliability
Monsanto’s Reliability Recipe: A Cup of Criticality, A Pound of Smart Instrumentation, Simmer with AMS Device Manager, Serve with Work Practices. Presenter: Joel Holmes, Monsanto; Co-Presenter: John Fuller, R.S. Stover Co.

Business Management
MES & ERP: Global Integration Strategy Exposed. Presenter: Nirav Patel, Bristol-Meyers Squibb.

Control System Modernization
DCS System Migration to DeltaV Intrinsically Safe (IS) CHARMs Electronic Marshalling. Presenter: Chad Sewell, AREVA Resources Canada Inc.; Co-Presenter: Brian Burkowksy, Spartan Controls.

DeltaV/Ovation & SCADA System Applications
Minera Los Pelambres Applies Advanced Process Control with MPC in the Mining Process in Copper Extraction. Presenter: Daniel Silva, Minera Los Pelambres.

Instrumentation(Two Awards)

·      Electronic Remote Sensors — LyondellBasell: A Distillation Column Level Measurement Solution, an Ethylene Storage Drum Lessons Learned. Presenter: Gordan Suljkanovic, LyondellBasell; Co-Presenter: John Scott, Emerson Process Management.

·      Adventures in pH Control. Presenters: Dave Joseph, Emerson Process Management and Greg McMillan, CDI Process & Industrial.

Process Management
Putting a Business Justification to Alarm Management. Presenter: Steve Elwart, Ergon Refining Inc.; Co-Presenters: Todd Stauffer, exida, and Kim Van Camp, Emerson Process Management.

Project Management and Engineering Tools
Valve Capacities: Why is the Tendency to Oversize? Presenter: Vincent Mezzano, Fluor Corp.; Co-Presenters: Keith Erskine, Puffer-Sweiven and Michael McCarty, Emerson Process Management.

Safety Instrumented Systems
Complex BMS Made Simple. Presenter: David Sheppard, Emerson Process Management.

Valve Applications
Fisher NPS 18 Control-Disk Maintains Performance & Reduces Maintenance Costs. Presenter: Eric Kuebler, Emerson Process Management; Co-Presenter: Al Dunham, New England Controls.

Wireless Applications
Obtaining Total Wireless Field Network Coverage. Presenter: Nicolas Saitz, SRR.