October 11, 2012

iOps Center Remote Monitoring: An Expert Is Always Online

The main theater at the back of the Emerson Global Users Exchange Expo Hall featured an “iOps Center.” Whether dubbed “Integrated Operations Center” or “Intelligent Operations Center,” the demonstration showed how Emerson, third-party technologies and the Emerson solutions services division combine to enable advanced decision making for process industry operations personnel.
Mike Boudreaux, director of business development, explains the iOps Center at Emerson Global Users Exchange.

Multiple, easy-to-read screens paired with advanced video conferencing and collaboration technologies enable advanced decision making, whether the goal is predictive maintenance or energy trading. The iOps Center concept combines real-time remote asset monitoring and access to expertise for equipment at all levels. Emerson demonstrated three scenarios related to process safety, availability, and business agility in the iOps Center.

Process safety metrics are becoming increasingly important after recent industry incidents have revealed that personal safety metrics are not good indicators for process safety risk. In the safety scenario, Emerson demonstrated how wireless, safety, and risk management technologies can be integrated to visualize the real-time safety risks of a running process.

Remote monitoring of critical assets such as turbomachinery can provide the ability to detect pending equipment failures before they happen. When combined with access to Emerson’s subject matter expertise, problems can be properly diagnosed remotely without having expertise on-site. In the availability scenario, Emerson showed how their machinery health experts can remotely collaborate with their customers’ operations and maintenance organizations to reduce the risk of equipment failure and costly downtime.

In the third scenario, Emerson demonstrated how energy traders, production planners, logistics, and operations personnel can collaborate in an iOps Center to make faster and better decisions to take advantage of opportunities that have a short decision window. This kind of business agility is helping process industry companies to make quicker decisions without taking on a higher level of risk.