October 8, 2012

Keynote Speakers Deliver Insight, Information and Inspiration

The lineup of keynote sessions scheduled to kick off the 2012 Emerson Global Users Exchange is designed to deliver insight into where your industries are headed, how Emerson is aligning itself to deliver the technologies and support your industry needs, and even some intriguing food for thought about the critical decisions that lead to success.

Guest keynote speaker Andy Andrews, author of the New York Time’s bestselling “The Traveler’s Gift,” “The Noticer,” and “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” has impacted millions with his creative writing and speaking. After losing both parents at a young age and becoming homeless, Andy gave serious thought to the question: “Is life just a lottery ticket or are there choices one can make to direct his future?” His research into hundreds of great men and women enables him to offer special insight into the common denominators of their extraordinary achievements.

Jay Colclazier is Chairman of Emerson Global Users Exchange and is the Senior Automation Engineer at the CHS Refinery in Laurel, MT. In this role he is responsible for DeltaV migration projects and refinery process improvements through automation. Prior to joining CHS, Jay spent several years as the Automation Group Lead at Biosource America, a Montana based company focused on the design, construction and operation of biodiesel refineries. He also spent over 15 years within Emerson Process Management and the Local Business Partner organization.

Steve Sonnenberg is Executive Vice President of Emerson and Business Leader for Emerson Process Management. He joined Emerson in 1979 as a marketing analyst with its Brooks Instrument division. In 2000, Sonnenberg was appointed president of Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific and, in 2002, he was appointed president of Emerson’s Rosemount division. During his tenure, he has been responsible for several Emerson acquisitions including: Rosemount TankRadar (formerly Saab Marine), Mobrey, Damcos, and Metran.

Peter Zornio is Chief Strategic Officer for Emerson Process Management where he has responsibility for group-level coordination of technology programs such as PlantWeb and Smart Wireless, as well as the group-level marketing team. He also has direct responsibility for the product definition and development organizations for DeltaV, Ovation, and AMS Suite. He has been at Emerson for five years. Prior to that, he spent 21 years at Honeywell.