October 8, 2012

Meet the Experts on Friday

WAIT! We've saved the best for last! Don't leave until you see the great information being offered during the Meet the Expert sessions. Each session will be offered twice on Friday, October 12: first at 8:00 am - 9:30 am and again from 10:00 am - 11:30 am. The sessions and experts for 2012 include:

Advances in HART and IEC 62591 (WirelessHART) Technology
Experts: Eric Rotvold - Emerson, Ron Helson, - HART Communication Foundation

Human Centered Design Principles for Optimal Operator Performance
Experts: Duane Toavs - Emerson, Mark Nixon - Emerson, Dave Bishop - LUMA Institute, Harvey Smallman - Pacific Science & Engineering, Dave Stobhar - Center for Operator Performance, Beville Engineering, Inc., Ian Nimmo - User Center Design Services and ASM Service Provider

Maximizing System Performance and Lifecycle
Experts: William Robertson - Emerson, Chris Madeira - Emerson, Mosta El-Haw - Emerson, Dave Cline - Emerson, Luther Kemp - Minnesota Power, Kim Minvielle - Shell Motiva, Steve Saltas - Kennecott Utah Copper

DeltaV Deep Dive
Experts: Gary Law - Emerson, Dave Denison - Emerson, Steve Dienstbier - Emerson, Rusty Shepard - Emerson

Process Simulation for Testing and Training
Experts: Mark O'Rosky - Emerson, Martin Berutti - MYNAH Technologies, LLC, Rick Kephart - Emerson, Majid Mirshah - GSE Systems

Managing the Lifecycle of Safety Instrumented Systems
Experts: Keith Bellville - Emerson, Donald Rozette - Meridium, Russell Cockman - Emerson, Bill Goble - Exida

A Deep Dive with ValveLink & FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers
Experts: Rick Osborn - Emerson, Steve Hagen - Emerson, Jeff VonAhnen - Emerson, Saurabh Pathak - Emerson

Modernizing Mature Control Systems - When? Why? How?
Experts: Laurie Ben - Emerson, John Dolenc - Emerson, Fred Voll - Emerson

Cyber Security
Experts: Neil Peterson - Emerson, Marty Edwards - U.S. Department of Homeland Security Control Systems Security Program, Jeff Potter - Emerson, Bob Huba - Emerson, Lee Neitzel - Emerson

Valve Maintenance Planning for Turnarounds and Outages
Experts: Scott Grunwald - Emerson, Zach White - Emerson, Marc Higley - Emerson

Advanced Control Foundation - Tools & Techniques
Experts: Terry Blevins - Emerson, Willy Wojsznis - Emerson

Improving Regulatory Control Performance
Experts: James Beall - Emerson, Greg McMillan - CDI Process and Industrial in Austin and MYNAH Technologies in St. Louis

Virtualization for DeltaV
Experts: Bruce Greenwald - Emerson, John Caldwell - Emerson, Brian Crandall - Emerson, Dirk Thiele - Emerson

Syncade Batch Workflow: Best Practices and Industry Approaches
Experts: Bob Dvorak - Emerson, Vito Canuso - Emerson, Joshua Kidd - Emerson, Shoyeb Hasanali - Emerson

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