October 12, 2012

PotashCorp Wins 2012 PlantWeb Excellence Award

Mike Sharp of Potash accepts the 2012 PlantWeb Excellence Award.

The PlantWeb Excellence Award is bestowed upon a company whose PlantWeb strategy includes: digital-capable devices that provide field intelligence using onboard microprocessors, embedded software, and open-standard communications; open communication standards linking field intelligence, systems, and applications in a plant-wide network; DeltaV or Ovation automation systems that make the most of PlantWeb's predictive intelligence; and consolidation of valuable asset information collected using AMS Suite technologies.

Five companies competed as finalists for this year’s PlantWeb Excellence Award. The board of the Emerson Global User’s Group conducted committee reviews of the finalists’ projects and determined that this year’s winner is PotashCorp.

PotashCorp is the world’s largest supplier of fertilizer and produces 20 percent of the world’s fertilizer. The PlantWeb-related project at PotashCorp’s Picadilly, New Brunswick, facility involved expansion of the site’s finishing facilities that included $8 million in DeltaV systems and services and $3.5 million in field devices. Key aspects of the project included the enabling of mobile workers, delivering process information to operator’s and technician’s fingertips, and the implementation of CHARMs electronic marshalling.

Mike Sharp of PotashCorp accepted the 2012 PlantWeb Excellence Award during Thursday’s award lunch at the Emerson Global Users Exchange.