October 8, 2012

Raising the Bar for Temperature Transmitters

Extensive customer feedback and a focus on application flexibility have driven Emerson to significantly enhance its Rosemount 644 HART temperature transmitter.

For 12 years, the 644 has served the market as a high quality, cost effective Rosemount temperature product, but changes in customer needs and industry norms have altered the landscape of what a head mount product should be. A desire for advanced features in the head mount form factor, and a need for improved ease of use, have driven the market to speak up and Rosemount to answer. They have enriched their core temperature product with more of the advanced features available in the market today, packaged in the most user friendly way possible.

Continual improvement has been key to Rosemount’s success in the temperature transmitter industry and every improvement designed into the enhanced 644 was a result of real customer feedback gathered over the transmitter’s lifetime. According to Rebecca Kopke, global temperature marketing engineer for Emerson Process Management, the enhancements to the Rosemount 644 temperature transmitter driven by customer feedback include the following:

Transmitter Wiring. The placement and clarity of the sensor terminal screws and sensor wiring diagram improve overall ease of installation. Kopke notes that many users think of head mount temperature transmitters as difficult to wire due to the small device size and space constraints. “We have placed the sensor terminal screws in an arc across the top of the device to make them more easily accessible,” she says. “This change means that there is more room for fingers and wires during the installation and commissioning stage.” The sensor wiring diagram has also been enlarged and clarified to ensure correct wiring the first time.

Power terminal placement. Now positioned at the lower right of the device, power and communication terminals are easily accessible without requiring removal of the LCD. This feature enables easier and faster troubleshooting or configuration changes to the device.

Industry first Integral transient protection. The 644 also introduces the release of the Integral Transient Protector. The industry first compact feature is designed to be an elegant solution for a head mount style transmitter as it effortlessly slides onto the transmitter and fits integral to the enclosure.

Enhanced display with local operator interface. The final ease of use improvement comes in the form of an enhanced local operator interface display that promotes an increase in characters displayed and an interactive and intuitive configuration menu accessible by push buttons on the display face.

Customer suggestion also influenced Rosemount to add many new advanced features to the 644 offering. These product enhancements include dual sensor inputs, SIS SIL 2 Safety Certification to IEC 61508, diagnostics including hot back up, Sensor Drift alert, thermocouple degradation and minimum/maximum tracking, integral transient protection and enhanced accuracy and stability.

The next generation of temperature transmitters has arrived.


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