October 9, 2012

Simulation Advance Delivers "DeltaV on a Stick"

In his keynote address, Emerson Process Management Chief Strategic Officer Peter Zornio talked about the many new features in DeltaV v12. One of them involves simulation. “We can now virtualize controllers and I/O, and run it on any computer,” he said. The ability to do this means that complete operations simulations can now be hosted on a server and accessed via the Internet.

The video-game-like approach of simulation tools translates into intuitive operator interaction, which typically leads to greater user interest in working with the technology. And although simulation technologies for the process industries have been around quite awhile, such advances are making it easier for companies of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits.

With the capabilities now available in simulation tools, companies can more effectively screen employees’ abilities. New and seasoned operators can be trained to perform operations correctly, on their company’s specific systems, 24/7.

Operators can prepare for new installations before the plant is operational. Simulation can also be used to help operators achieve certifications, and to train users for infrequent operational tasks.

You can see the DeltaV “simulation on a stick” in action at the DeltaV booth in the exhibit area.

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