October 8, 2012

Wireless Networking in Process Automation Now a Mature Technology

You’d have to circle the globe 40,000 times to reach 1 billion miles. A billion hours ago (114,000 years) the last Ice Age began. Emerson Process Smart Wireless networks based on WirelessHART have now achieved 1 billion hours of operating experience across more than 10,000 wireless networks.

Remember the wireless sensor networking wars from five or six years ago? Well, the shooting is over. Emerson Process customers have been rapidly adopting the technology at such a rate that it is now measured by the number of gateways installed. Bob Karschnia, vice president of the Wireless business unit for Emerson Process Management, said that the total number of hours was calculated conservatively, allowing for customer installation time before operation commenced.

“This is a milestone event revealing how engineers now consider this a proven technology,” Karschnia said. “Some customers have even written practices where they look at wireless solutions before wired ones when evaluating new projects.”

Be sure to check out the SmartWireless area on the trade show floor to get an update on the total hours of wireless network operation.