October 8, 2012

Connect with Peers at

Connect with Peers at

Launched at last year’s Emerson Exchange event, Emerson Process Management’s online community——has since grown to nearly 5,000 members and is available in multiple languages.

Created as a way to extend the end-user discussions that occur in the hallways and in Q&A sessions at the Emerson Exchange event, is now a well-developed peer-to-peer community of global end users, subject matter experts and Emerson Process Management partners. The community site also features commentary and posts from process control experts such as Terry Blevins and Greg McMillan.

As an Emerson Exchange attendee, one major benefit of joining the community is the ability to access presentations from the conference following the event. This access is available to event attendees who are also a part of the community.

Attendees on Twitter are encouraged to tweet about the conference using the hashtag #EMREX, and to follow @EmersonProcess